Gwen Edland



“And the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord just as the waters cover the sea.”
Habakkuk 2:14

Words cannot express my thanks for a glorious year on the Mission Field in many parts of the world. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, and thanks to you who have held me in the arms of prayer. The fields are truly white for the harvest; people all over are desperate for the Lord’s presence in their lives. The hunger is insatiable! Father God is on the move all over the globe! I stand in awe!

TRINIDAD – Medical Missions and Crusades. A young girl died in my arms and was raised from the dead by the Lord. PTL! Her unborn baby was saved from the onslaught of the devil. Evangelism and healing were phenomenal, with uneven legs growing at the command of the Lord.

NICARAGUA– Medical Missions and Construction after a devastating hurricane which killed many and destroyed everything in its path. A disillusioned father was restored to faith in Jesus Christ after his wife was healed and their unborn baby was saved from miscarriage. A distraught mother regained her will to live after losing her sons, and began ministering again to her family.

P R CHINA – A small team of teachers, well under the radar of the authorities in Changping (Northwest Beijing), instructed Chinese Olympic volunteers in conversational English, American culture, and most of all the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught little children, college students, and community groups, and rejoiced in the harvest of souls. Some previous students came to visit and pray. One day all of our students met at church and then toured the Olympic area. Great joy!

CANADA– After China I visited Chinese sons in California and Canada and led their wives to the Lord, baptizing them and teaching them in ways of prayer, Bible study, church attendance and fellowship with their husbands and other Christians. What a magnificent time in the Lord! We celebrated my birthday by climbing three mountains and ended up on an ancient glacier in the Canadian Rockies. What tremendous majesty of our Creator God. Jesus Christ is awesome!

GUATEMALA – Medical Missions and Evangelism in the rural areas and in the midst of mountain grandeur. Many were treated, healed and led to the Lord , followed up by local pastors and church guardians who carried on the work of the Lord on the mission field. The scenery was breathtaking, and the experience unforgettable. Hearts were wide open to the gospel and workers were faithful.

UGANDA – Evangelism, Preaching, and Crusades. The Holy Spirit fell on many at a Women’s Conference where I introduced Step Up to Life and Fresh Start. Several were freed from the arrows of Shame, Depression, Anger, Rejection, Bitterness, Envy, and UNFORGIVENESS. Lives were changed by the Lord, and people were set free to reconcile, lovingly confront, forgive. One pastor was able to forgive his father from past abandonment. Another man forgave a transgressor a large debt, the case of which had gone to the Supreme Court, and to the astonishment of the jury and courtroom, the judge announced that the case was dismissed!

KENYA – Evangelism, Preaching, Teaching, Seminars. Again the Lord encouraged me to teach on the arrows, especially
unforgiveness. With the history of long civil wars and devastation by warring tribes armed with machetes and guns, there were raw wounds, physical and spiritual, in both Uganda and Kenya. We attempted to bring healing to all through the Lord. Thank You, Jesus Christ, the planet is positioned for a worldwide revival before Jesus Christ Himself returns!!!


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