Trinidad 2012

292404_10151853967045468_2095919924_nWow! Back from another great mission trip to Trinidad. We left June 8th and returned June 17th.

We had an amazing group of 9 people. Garland and Gretel Rowland, Dr. Troy White, Gwen Edland, Brenda DeLuca, Norma Jean Hackett, Quinn Paton, Dr. Barry and Terry Brasfield.   We teamed up with Pastor Gemma and Nazab Mohammed, and family Sheer, Jon and Felina, with Eternal Spirit Deliverance Center.

This was our second trip to Trinidad and it sure won’t be our last Lord Willing.  We left with Duffle bags filled with Bibles, Eye glasses, medicines, and our hearts full of Jesus ready to Spread The Good News to all we met. We performed Eye and, Medical clinics, held youth rallies, and crusades with healing services. We saw 1200 people plus many kids without tickets in the eye and medical clinics. We had 219 new believers and recommitments. The clinic was open to everyone. We had hundreds of Muslims and Hindus and some religions I had never heard of come through. We wanted everyone to hear the gospel and see Gods love working through us. Many converted to Christ after experiencing Jesus love and the Holy Spirits drawing them as we presented Jesus to them. Many with tears of joy and conviction as their eyes were opened to the Truth.  We traveled living and preaching the great calling of Jesus in our hearts. Mark 16:15-20. Jesus going with us proving and confirming the Word through signs and wonders.525864_3797219725605_1240835156_n

A few highlights:
A 13 year old girl came in with a damaged hip from a car accident and scoliosis. While in the eye clinic she found the healing power of Jesus. Dr. Troy White, Quinn, and others prayed for her. First Jesus aligned her hip and lengthened her leg to match. Then she took off her back brace. She bent over and you could see her spine had a 40% turn like an S shape. They prayed for her and before their eyes Jesus straightened her spine and rolled her body straight. She stood up strong and healthy. Handed her mom the brace and left healed and praising Jesus.

Another was an elderly man in a wheel chair who had had a stroke a year before. He had lost feeling on his left side. He was prayed for by the medical team and others. They lifted him up and supported him while he tried to walk. Quinn had a word of knowledge about his daughter. The man and son burst into tears. Jesus knows every heart and how to minister to everyone. He said he is going to keep believing and working his body. We believe with him that he will regain feeling and use of his arm and leg and that he will be able to walk again.

We had people forgive others and be healed of arthritis. Headaches, back aches all gone while praying with them!

One fun experience was a man came in who had had a little booze. He sat in my group and was talking. I asked him to leave and Id talk with him in a few minutes when I was done. I persuaded him to go wait. As we talked I told him he was being disruptive and would have to leave. I physically escorted him out and in the front yard he began quoting scripture. He was quoting it wrong. As I corrected him with the proper wording he began to cry. I shared Christ with him and how much Jesus loves him. He straightened up and gave his life to Christ. We prayed over him for deliverance from addictions and he left rejoicing and praising Jesus. It’s amazing to see how Satan twists scripture, but when the Truth is spoken the deceptions and powers of Satan is crushed.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and financial support. Jesus was glorified for sure. Lives were changed and relationships were established that will bring ministries and people together for Christ for generations to come.

God Bless,
Rev. Garland and Gretel Rowland


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