Trinidad 2008

Back from Trinidad. What an amazing Trip. Trinidad is an amazing place.

I had the great fortune to travel to Trinidad with Pastor Gemma and her family. I say family because her whole family is a vital part of the ministry and hard work they are doing for our Lord Jesus. I went with Dr. Troy White and wife Melissa, Gwen Edland, Stacy White, Andrea, Cori Williams, and Lee Greer.

We went down as an eye and medical clinic, but as usual the Lord opened doors into all kinds of wondrous, miraculous events. Through the power of Jesus we saw salvations, medical medicals, spiritual attacks on us and others won victoriously in the name of Jesus.

It all started early on in prayer. Troy and I wanted to take bibles down to hand out. We decided on 100. I said I think Lifeway has bibles for a dollar apiece. I went to Lifeway and sure enough they were a dollar. I said I hope they have a hundred of them in stock. I looked down on the floor next to the book shelf, 5 boxes with 20 bibles in each stacked and waiting for us to buy them. I love it when God plans ahead for us. Its signs like this that really get you pumped up to go, knowing all the while that you are in His will and moving in the right direction.

Once in Trinidad we experienced heavy chaotic spiritual attacks. The people are all so friendly and open but I since no foundation in any kind of faith. We saw Islam, Hinduism, Universalism, witchcraft, Catholicism, you name it its there. It seemed all these religions blended together and everyone just added parts of every religion together to cover all the bases. The only way to witness there is to count on and believe Jesus will reveal Himself and His power to prove He is the only way. Well the scriptures don’t lie; For the Kingdom of God is not in words but in power.

Jesus did just that. We were going door to door inviting people to come to the eye clinic and crusade we were having. One team met a man who was just visiting his family and couldn’t make it the events but needed the eye clinic. They invited him to go with them and see Dr. Troy that day. While he was waiting we talked to him about Christ. He had been in several religions before and said he had tried being a Christian once. After talking a while we prayed and the Holy Spirit came down on him and he began to cry and gave his life to Christ. Another lady was in the room and had back pains. We saw that one leg was 2 inches shorter than the other. We held her legs out, prayed, and when we spoke everyone look the leg will grow now, her leg grew out to match the other. Everyone saw it grow and faith was on the rise. Our whole team prayed for people and many were healed and set free. Another awesome miracle, Cori and Gwen had a man with very high blood sugar, 200 +. They prayed for him, The Holy Spirit came upon them, they took another reading and his blood sugar came down over 100 points. He received Christ as his Lord and savior too.

We went to a children’s home and met a precious 14 year old girl. She was possessed and when we came in she began to manifest. The Holy Spirit began to tell us some of her past and what was attacking her. It took three people to hold her and she kept trying to bite and claw me. We prayed and anointed her and she was set free. 5 min later we are all playing and swinging on swings and having a wonderful time.

We had sound equipment go crazy, static loud squeals when we spoke about Jesus. Laid hands on it, worked great. In Tobago praying for a lady, the Lord revealed a curse on her and who put it on her, believing she is set free and her eyes are being healed.

On the way back from Tobago we were asking each other what meant the most to us on this trip. Dr. Troy said it hasn’t happened yet. At that moment the captain asked for medical personal to come see to a lady. While they were checking on her, her eyes rolled back and she died. Troy and Gwen prayed for her and bound the spirit of death off her. She came too and was rushed to the hospital. When Troy called to check on her she had already been released from the hospital. Glory to God!! We serve an awesome Lord. I could go on and on.

But in short it is The Lord Jesus Christ that sets those that believe and call on His name free. I feel so honored to be able to go on these trips and see the wondrous power and Glory of Jesus. Jesus Christ is real, He is the Healer, The Redeemer, He is the Great I Am. It is through Him that we are set free and through Him that we are healed, and able to see His wondrous works.


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