Brazil 2005

First of all I want to thank you all for all your prayers and support.


We went down to Brazil expecting. We prayed for souls, signs and wonders, and to touch the others in our group. God really showed up.       


In  ( Mark 16 : 16-18  “ He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents, and if they drink anything deadly it will by no means hurt them, they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. ) We went believing this promise  and acting on it.


Sunday—Went to church at 2nd Baptist church in Pavuna. They were all so friendly and genually wanted us there. We found out this Church had been praying for this medical clinic for a year. They called the missionaries every week for a year to check on it. They even had a group that met at night to pray for all of us coming down.


This Church really believes in prayer.  Their prayers were answered. God sent the angles ahead of us. Everything was set up, people were ready to here the Gospel, and many miracles and signs and wonders were performed because they set the path for us through their prayers.


          That night Gretel, Gwen, (my mother in law)  Karen, ( Gwens friend and room mate)Jerry, and myself met and prayed for each other. We wanted to be totally free and ready to perform Gods work. We laid hands on each other and prayed all the garbage we had accumulated from the world off of us.


Monday—It was pouring rain. Streets were flooded and the buses could not pick us up. While we were waiting they asked if anyone would like to share their testimony. I thought GREAT and jumped up to share. I just met these people and thought it was a great way to get to know everyone. I was able to tell everyone my testimony. Thought I shared too much but found out I didn’t. Don’t ever hold back your testimony. God will use it. Several people told me it touched them. One man wants me to share it in his church. I shared how God opened my eyes to the way I was living, going to church but hiding all the time. Being a pew warmer. I shared what God had done for me, and that I had had a deliverance and been baptized with the Holy Spirit. By me saying that several people were very curious about us and watched us closely. So close that they wanted more and 5 persons from our group came to our rooms at night and were freed and baptized with the Holy spirit and they immediately started speaking in tongues.  Each night we had people come up and we would pray, fellowship with one another and worship God till about 130am then get up at 5am and go again.


          1. On Monday 10 or more said sinner’s prayers.

          2. A lady with ankle pain = 2 prayers and pain gone

3. A man with bad headaches. Someone tried to kill him by hitting him in the head. No more headaches.

4. Went street walking and met a nice man. He actually told his friends to go on ahead and stayed with us. He gave his life to Jesus.


5. Maria – Back pain. Prayed for her and it was gone.


          6. It was really an eye opener to see the hunger and love of these people. They were amazed that we would travel all that way just to talk with them and to share Jesus with them. They saw how much we loved them and considered them our equal. We would tell them how we are all equal in Gods eyes and that they are very special and God has a plan for their lives. How Gods grace is free to all and no one can earn it by works and money. Many people do not realize they can speak directly to God through Jesus.


Tuesday – Went in really expecting. Prayed hard for strength and zeal. First group 4 persons received Christ.


Next group 3 ladies gave there live. One backslider. I asked to pray and talk to her by herself. Explained through the scriptures about Jesus’ grace and what true repentance is. She was crying and squeezing her kids. Recommitted her life to Jesus and left me a very happy lady crying tears of joy.


Had a possessed lady in my mother in laws group. Gretel, Gwen, and my self prayed over her . Full of hate and anger. Her eyes stopped rolling around and she was much better.  The lord told me she had been abused from a family member.


Lady with tumor we prayed for her. She saw me later and just kept hugging and told me I would always have a place in her heart. I’m expecting her to be healed.


Went street walking and 6 people received Christ.


A drunken possessed man came up to me and said you know me but you don’t really know me. I asked him to say Jesus is lord but he couldn’t. Then he left. Grace got really close to him and her eye started burning really bad. Prayed over her and the pain left.


By this time people were noticing that some of us would pull out oil and anoint people, lay hands on people and pray in the spirit where ever we were. Things were happening. People’s lives were changing, getting healed and crying tears of joy. Four of our translators came to us and wanted us to pray for them. They were seeing something in us they were not used to and wanted more.


One of them was Gustavo Gretels translator. God allowed me feel his pain and I couldn’t help but cry. He was in so much torment due to unforgivness and issues with his father. He was having a lot of trouble letting go of the hurt. Jerry had great wisdom and prophecy about him. We all prayed and Gustavo stepped over the line and new man.


Norma ( translator ) – we prayed over her. God gave us prophecy and knowledge on her. She is so excited and totally trusting in God.


Roberto ( Church member at Pavunea )– He was with Gwen and Jerry when the cancer patient was healed. He wanted more. We took him up to an empty room and freed him and baptized him with the Holy Spirit. He started speaking in tongues.


Dr Troy White ( Eye doctor) had been talking to us about wanting more and wanting to be used more. His prayers were answered. He had a lady come through his eye clinic who was almost blind. Cataract and detached retina in rt. eye and bleeding and detached retina in lt. eye. He came up stairs to get me to pray for her. I asked  Steve -an associate pastor in a church in Tenn. to come with us. We went downstairs to pray for her. I anointed her and began to pray in the spirit.  I asked her how her eyes were. She looked right at Steve and said, “ I can see him”. She did not know he had come in with us. We prayed again, this time I anointed her temples. The Holy Spirit was upon us and Troy, Maria, and I were crying. I was balled up crying kneeling at her feet. Asked her what she saw. She was praising God and saying I see much better. I told her the scripture when the man said he saw men walking like trees.  ( Mark 8:24) I told her God was not done yet. Started to pray again and asked God to please reveal Himself to Troy and Maria. I leaned over to Troy and asked him to pray from his heart not his mind, just pray anything God tells him to. I asked God again to really show Himself. I said I know it’s not me and I’m pulling back and letting God do everything. Sometime during this prayer the room cleared. Just like in ( Mark 5:40  “ and they ridiculed Him. But when He had put them all outside, )With all the crying and praying everyone left except Troy, Maria, the translator and myself. I took my hands off Maria and knelt down and prayed for Troy and Maria. The Holy Spirit came down and hit them. Troy was shaking and kicking the chair was bouncing off the wall. Tears pouring down his face. His whole body was electrified. I stood up and held up 5 fingers and Maria saw them. She left crying and praising God.


Troy was concerned that he would not see her again cause it was a free clinic, no paperwork, and he wanted to check up on her. I told him all we have to do is pray in agreement that we would see her again. ( Mathew 18: 19  Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by my father in heaven. ) He said is that really all? I said yes ( Mathew 21:22 And what ever things you ask in prayer believing you will receive.)The scriptures say it is so, so we go on faith and it will happen. We held hands and prayed in agreement.


That night Helen and Troy came up to our rooms and they were both baptized wit the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues. I was able to explain to them how God had really revealed himself to them and no one can ever take that away from them.


The next day when I was in the sanctuary I looked up and Maria was waving to me from across the room. God answered our prayer and she saw me clear across the room. God totally revealed Himself to us.



I was able to go street evangelizing every day. I really enjoyed that. The one on one. Being able to go into their world and sit on the ground next to them or go into their store, or home. I was amazed how open they were and would take time to talk to me and allow me to share with them. You would be suprised how many people say they are Christians but don’t have a bible or knowledge of the scriptures. . Just sharing the gospel and the Ten Commandments with them they realize they aren’t saved. Then they want to pray and receive Christ.


There were a lot of Catholics I met who did not own bibles and have never heard the plan of salvation. It was my great pleasure to lead them to the Lord and pray with them. God is so awesome. And thanks to Fathers House and others giving we were able to reach many souls and place the living word in their hands.


Guys I can not tell you how true Gods word is.


Every day we had many receive Christ and set them up to be contacted from the church and placed in cell groups.



I thank the Lord everyday for the opportunity to evangelize and am looking forward to returning to Rio next year to further Gods kingdom.


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