Uganda 2009

UgandaAnother awesome mission trip to Africa.
May 2009.

Our trip to Uganda was a huge success. We took a team of 9 medical personal and evangelists. We held a three day medical mission in Bujiri Uganda. The Lord allowed us to give out reading and prescription glasses and all kinds of medicines. We were able to use the medical mission to draw over two thousand people of all religions to visit Global Harvest Church, and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many heard the Gospel and received Christ. Many received prayer from our medical team and were healed. They said we don’t need the medicines and after prayer did not even pick up their medicines we offered. We set the mission up so that everyone who came had a chance to hear the gospel and receive prayer. Lots of Muslims came through and were able to see and experience the Love of Christ. They were amazed that we would do all this for them. Many gave their lives to Christ after experiencing His love and healing power. The Lord was with us through every step. Before we ever left He was at work providing for us.

We needed medicines and funding. We prayed and kept our faith. Just a few weeks prior to going we had virtually no medicines or funding. The Lord brought several people into our paths and before we left we had so much medicines we couldn’t hold it all and everyone’s expenses were covered. We serve an awesome God. We had arranged with the Ugandan parliament to bring in the medicines. They told us to log it all and they would meet us and inspect everything at the border. We had so much it would take hours to go through at the border. We arrived and we were invisible to the customs agents. I was standing there with 10 plus suitcases on carts. The custom agents came and grabbed the people on either side of me (not from our team) and went through their entire luggage. I just pushed my carts past everyone and out to the van that was waiting for us.  The whole trip was like this.

People donated 30 wedding dresses for us to take and give to the church in Uganda.  We had the honor of performing 16 weddings in one day. It was amazing to see the excitement and love that Jesus brought. Several ladies in our group fitted and primped the brides.  Vicki ,a hair dresser/evangelist from Omaha styled all the ladies hair and gave facials. I never would have thought how awesome this ministry would be until I saw it with my own eyes. These couples’s lives were transformed that day. Many had never experienced anything like this before. No one had ever taken the time to love, hug and touch them and express how beautiful they truly are. My life was also changed that day seeing such a beautiful ministry unfold before me. Oh did I mention I also had a big surprise that day. When the wedding march began and all the ladies started walking down the aisle, I look up and see my beautiful bride, Gretel, leading the group all elegant in her wedding gown. This was a total surprise to me. After I performed 16 weddings, I changed places with Pastor Raphael and I too exchanged wedding vows with my beautiful bride of 25 years. You never know what will happen on the mission field.

We were able to travel to different villages to preach and teach.  Every day we would preach, sometimes three times a day. We would not miss an opportunity to spread the Good News. In the afternoons we would hold street crusades and healing services from platforms they built for us. Countless people were healed and set free from demonic oppressions and addictions. Hundreds were baptized with the Holy Spirit and were praising Jesus throughout the villages. We held a three day pastors conference, two day ladies seminar. We also traveled to many new villages we had never seen and preached the gospel building their faith and seeing their church numbers grow. Many were church plants from previous missions. It was great seeing the fruit from our past efforts.

During the pastors conference a young man was led in by his mother and friends. He was so sick he could barely walk. We prayed for him and he began to feel better. Dr. Troy White sat and ministered to him and took them through the gospel. The boy was a believer but his mother was not. Jesus healed the boy, and he began to walk and praise Jesus. Through the manifestation of his healing his mother gave her live to Jesus and everyone at the conference was able to see Gods word come to life before their eyes. Jesus’ Word is true and He is alive today proofing Himself daily to those who believe and seek Him.

On the way back from one of our crusades we received a phone call from a desperate mother. Her son was possessed and was starting to manifest as a snake. They had sacrificed many of their animals and prayed to who knows who. Nothing was working. Out of desperation she called Pastor Raphael. We turned around and went to see them. When we got there he could not talk and was in a trance, he could not walk and his body was very tense. We started to pray and anoint him with oil. As we prayed he began to respond. Then we realized several people came that had put this curse on him and were praying against us. They wanted to kill him. We had them removed from the yard and we took him inside. The power of Jesus prevailed and he was set free. Glory to God. He was exhausted but went to each person there and hugged us all giving praise to Jesus. He gave his live to Christ and traveled with us for the remainder of our trip. We could see him grow everyday in the Word as he sought more of Jesus every day.

The list goes on and on. Too many amazing healings, salvations and church plants. It’s so comforting to return year after year and see new churches, new pastors, and new lives in the different villages. We are seeing churches grow, families prospering, people seeking Christ and evangelizing themselves throughout their area. Through the prayers and donations of Jesus’ saints we have been able to purchase, a generator, bibles, musical instruments, a roof for a growing church, a motorcycle for one of the pastors, a bike for another, and countless other items that mean so much to these wonderful men and women of God.

We plan on organizing another mission to Uganda in 2011. Please pray as we seek Gods guidance and provisions for the upcoming years. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are the Church of Christ.  

John 4:35-38

Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest! 36 And he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. 37 For in this the saying is true: ‘One sows and another reaps.’ 38 I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labors.”


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