Uganda 2007

Bugiri, Uganda 2007

What a Great Spirit filled trip. I had the privilege to go to Uganda with Dr. Troy White and my mother in law Gwen Edland. None of us have ever been to Africa before and we all went with prayer and high expectations.

The Whole trip was an anointed trip ordained by God. Every day was a new adventure in Christ. Even before we left God had His hand guiding us and paving the road before us.

Once in Uganda we meet Pastor Rafael, his wonderful wife Ester and other pastors and friends. We climbed in a van with our gear and drove for 5 hours through the night over bumps, holes and desolate areas. It was awesome. Arrived in Bujiri at 10:00. Slept a few hours and was up ready to go. I met the hotel chef, Samuel, on the side walk and talked with him. He gave his life to Christ right then and I have never met anyone like him. He is a called man of God and immediately believed and took off for Christ. He is a whole story in himself. That set the precedence for the trip. People were set free from witchcraft, infirmities, and countless people came to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. We went as preachers & messengers of the Holy Spirit. The trip was set up to be a pastor’s conference / crusade / church empowerment. All three came true. The Lord called out ailments and when we laid hands on them they were healed. Called demons out and they fled. Preached the Gospel and showed the power of the Holy Spirit and people were saved and the churches grew. Pastors were fed spiritually and physically and left empowered. Every part of Mark 16:15-18 was performed and proven on this trip.

We traveled to villages with no roads. We went to a different town each day. We preached and had crusades in the streets at night. They welcomed us into their huts and lives. Everyone was so open to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They fed us and made us feel at home. Kids everywhere. Lots of aids orphans, poverty and sickness. Many had Malaria and came for prayer. As we laid our hands on their heads you could feel the fevers break. It was awesome. We had full reins to speak on whatever the Lord led us to allowed the Holy Spirit to work His power with no restrictions. It’s amazing what happens when you let Jesus and the Holy Spirit out of the box we put them in.

Preached over the radio to approx 46 million people. Spoke on deliverance, healing, and repentance. Pastor Rafael emailed to let me know they are still receiving testimonies from people who heard the broadcast.

This is an awesome ministry in Uganda, “Global Harvest Network Ministries”. We are planning to fully support this ministry and go back as often as the Lord allows. They are praying for land to build an orphanage. Many have taken in orphans but 1000’s are left out. They need leadership material and transportation. The people are very generous but 10% of zero is zero. Most grow food to eat and sell if they can. Little patches around their house are all they have. Please pray for GHNM in Uganda and for the pastors. If you feel led to give please contact me. I’ll get 100% of what you give to them. I’ll take care of all expenses getting it to them.

God Bless,
Rev. Garland Rowland

Spreading the Good News, Inc. is an approved charitable 501(c)(3) organization by the US Inter


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