Kenya 2008

Nairobi, Kenya 2008
Wow! Kenya was amazing!

We went to Fathers House Church in Ruiru Kenya. It was awesome. Pastor Victor and Eunice Mwangi run the church and ministry. They are amazing. The joy and love they have and extend to others is so prevalent. They are so anointed and full of energy. They have one desire in life. To reach the lost for Jesus Christ and to serve Him relentlessly in everything they do.

They have a service every day of the week along with classes in healing, leadership, help services, teachings, youth, etc. You name it they do it. They also set up meetings in other towns with pastors and leaders helping and equipping them to spread the Gospel. We were allowed to minister with them in many of these settings and traveled around to teach with them in other churches encouraging and exhorting them in Christ. Their strength physically and spiritually is amazing.

In their spare time they run a school from preschool to high school. Many of the students live at school so they have dorms set up and staff to live with them and promote Jesus 24/7. Did I mention the technical school they have for young men and women, many single moms, to teach them a trade in computers, secretarial and other skills to advance them in careers and get them a start in life that they missed or was not provided for them. All this based around our lord Jesus. They just don’t learn a career, they learn and experience Jesus. They teach and build up their faith and show them the wonders of following Jesus Christ.

What a blessing to be a part of all this. We saw youth break free from hurts and failures. Through our obedience and testimonies the youth broke down and confessed past sins and hurts and were set free in Christ. Many had never been able to see beyond their past but now have a new freedom in Christ.

We saw a lump disappear in a ladies throat during a healing service, all in the name and glory of Jesus. We saw multiple men and women come forward in a new boldness and desire to serve Christ.

I look forward to returning to Kenya and visiting our friends again soon. Fathers House in Ruiru, Kenya is alive and running in the precious anointing of our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We were blessed to be a part of their ministry and I was excited to find Pastor Victor so full of joy and fun. I found a man as crazy for the Lord as I am. He has a great time no matter what is going on. Joking, laughing, teasing, and full of Christ’s love. Believe me, ministry is a blast!! I’ve never had so much fun in my life as when I’m teaching and Spreading The Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. The Gospel of Jesus could not be spread to the lost if not for people taking the time to go and people giving of themselves in prayer and finances.

God Bless,
Rev. Garland Rowland


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