The New Church

Hello Garland –
Greetings from your family members of Global  Harvest  Network  Ministries in Uganda.
Thank you for the support.
The church now is finished.
Please pray now for chairs, latrine, and PA.
New Church Front
New Church Side
Thank you.
Bishop  Raphael and Esther Ongango.
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A Few Needs

Dear Garland:
We are very happy and humbled to minister under your anointing.
We appreciate all the support you and your team are giving. May God bless you and the works of your hands.
Right now we have 270 people in the church.
Our prayer requests to you:
1. We need church land where we can have our own building.
2. We have 300 children in our children’s ministry now – all of them are learning under trees, in the church building we are renting.
3. We are preaching and winning souls to expand the Kingdom of God and right now we are planting a church in the Nakalama Iganga District.
4. We now have 200 Muslims who received Jesus and they need a church in the community – there’s only 1 church and 20 mosques – so I am requesting your support and prayers.
5. We need to buy Tapelines to cover the roof because one of the members gave his land for the church.
God bless you greetings to your wife and the team.
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Fisher of Men

Sorry it’s been so long since we posted news!

Pastor Samuel in Uganda has been able to make his church self-sustaining. He and his congregation are working and earning money so they can grow and tithe back into the church and Kingdom.

With your support and prayer we sowed $2,233.00 into his ministry, allowing Pastor Samuel to literally fish for himself, earning money from fishing and using this money to build the Kingdom.

Here (with our grammar corrections) is what Pastor Samuel wrote to us:

“I thank you for the great support that you have done here in Uganda, Africa.

However, I would like to fish for myself rather than you fishing for me every year.

It’s good to have someone teach you to fish, rather than him fishing for you.

As planned, I used the money you sent to buy a small, used boat to travel to different islands, buy fish, then sell the fish to factories.

I also hope to start other projects to help our youth get jobs.

My hope and prayer is that these projects will make us self-sustaining and, with the help of Jesus, we can even help support your trips to Uganda.”

Thank you again for all your support. You are helping us do His work in so many ways.

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Updates From Pastor Samuel in Uganda!

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ,

We wanted to take a few minutes to once again thank you for your support through prayers and offerings in support of Pastor Samuel Ngobi of Gods Way Church in Uganda.  Thanks to your generosity,  Spreading the Good News has been able to purchase land, supply building materials to build a new church, a new home for the pastor and his family and transportation.  The motorcycle not only provides his family transportation but also provides taxi services to help bring in extra finances.  All this is possible due to your selfless giving and prayers!

Below you will find a message from Pastor Samuel and some new pictures!

Greetings in Jesus name, thank you so much for every thing your doing here in Uganda.  Thank you for everyone who is standing with my ministry.  May the almighty God bless you all richly . l am so busy at the moment and here are some photos of the house and church building. The crusade is going on well.   l bought the motorcycle and l am now learning how to drive it. I need to get used over it then I can drive it.  Thank you so much for having a good heart to help here.  God bless you richly.  Here are some attached photos.  – Pr Samuel Ngobi
Pastor Samuel and church building

Pastor Samuel and church building

Pastor Samuel and family with new home

Their new home!

Pastor Samuel's Beautiful Daughter

Pastor Samuel’s Beautiful Daughter

Pastor Samuel with new motorcycle.

Pastor Samuel with new motorcycle.

Pastor Samuel on new motorcycle

Pastor Samuel on new motorcycle

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Greetings from Pastor Timothy

Below is a message from Pastor Timothy reporting on God’s fulfillment of his dream to start a seminary and child care center.  Thank you to all who helped this dream come true through prayer and monetary donations.

Glory to God for all you are doing. Greetings from my house, and the House of faith in Kamuli. The Lord is taking care of us and we pray that all be well with you to those ends. By His grace we are working in His vineyard. The trainings are going on  and we have seven ministers in the word and spirit and the children are constantly not less than seventy every meeting.

We thank God for this work.

Shalom to all —
Timothy and Juliet



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Introducing Word and Spirit Seminary / Child Care Centre!

Pastor Timothy GraduationAs many of you are aware, Spreading the Good News has proudly sponsored Pastor Timothy in Uganda through seminary school the past few years.  He proudly graduated last year and we received the following letter from him.  Please include him and his new ministry in your prayers.  If you would like to donate to help his ministry, please see our donation page and be sure to designate it is for Word and Spirit Seminary.


Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

We give God the glory for what He is doing in our generation.  His will has to be done for His own praise.  He has empowered us to empower others the Timothy 2:2 principles.

The three years training I under went in Westminster was my preparatory ground to influence other ministers with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  0ne thing I know is that a fighter will always see himself victorious before the fight even begins. Having a winning attitude helps the challenge worth fighting for.

After serving God for the last twenty years with various net works in establishing the work of the gospel, I have seen the need of addressing the crisis of training pastors and church leaders (workers) more so in rural communities.  The zeal to fulfill this compelled me to apply for training and in God’s providence I have been training for the last three years (B A in Theology).

Special thanks goes to the friends in the west   Rev. Garland, family and the team of (Spreading the Good News) who stood with me both financially and prayerfully to have this vision come to pass.

There is real need to have the pastors trained to equip them for the work of ministry.  98.9% of the pastors in the rural churches have not had any intensive training not even on certificate level. What we can call formal training to help them in leadership skills and this has made the church to remain narrow in Africa and given room to heretical teachings.

Having this truth about the church after the training I feel compelled to establish at least one leaders training centre. We trust God to fulfill this dream of empowering fellow leaders to work in the vineyard competently by the help of the Holy Spirit.  When we have the leaders and youth empowered, we will have real multiplication-Making disciples that make disciples and planting churches that plant churches.

Our mission

For God’s glory word and spirit seminary /Care centre exists to make a multiplication by equipping  church leaders and the children to impact  Uganda, East  Africa, Africa and the whole world with  God centered, Gospel –driven, Grace saturated and Christ exalting churches  which are truly reformed.

Our strategy.

To accomplish our mission, we will have both adults and children trained and empowered with church leadership and discipleship skills.

Building relationships:  As I have loved you so you must love one another [John 13:34]. Serve one another in love [Galatians 5:13-18].Love one another from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith [1 Tim1:5]

This love affects the world and builds up relationships even with unbelievers. Body life affects world life.

Our vision

Word and spirit seminary / children’s care centre Have a desire to spread a passion for God’s glory by training pastors, preachers , church planters, Evangelists, Biblical counselors and church workers who will be used by the Holy Spirit working alongside the word of God to the African church and then to the whole world. In doing this we will have to prepare men and women to articulate, promote and protect the gospel and God’s gracious salvation.


  • We are remain a Bible-teaching, Bible –soaked and Bible guided centre principled by [Matt4:4, 2 Tim 3:16-17, 4:1-5].
  • Keeping in mind that [Go and make disciples is a command to multiplication. And this happens when the gospel is a reality to us who profess Christianity which determines our effectiveness in sharing it with others.
  • To nature a maturing and committed church leadership that contends to the faith at all times.
  • To produce church leaders who will demonstrate Christ authentic love for His people through the preaching of God’s Word ,Mercy ministry and appropriate people’s true value [John 11:5,33-36].This involves a deeper feeling of plight of the suffering  suffering  saints of Christ still lost in the world whose sorrows need to be attended to[ Matt 20:34, Mark 6:34].
  • Alongside this we would like to have a children’s care centre using the covenant strategy for church growth.
  • To disciple the children along side Christian Education combined with biblical truth and compelling relationship’s that will help fortify our covenant children against the on sleight of an anti Christ culture making sure that Yahweh  is their passion if we are going to claim the children and conquer them for His glory.
  • Moses knew the secret that no moral code would empower those people and their children to live in God’s presence, but it was God’s presence that would empower them to practice biblical morality, faithfully as they lived in God’s presence, their character would be transformed to reflect His character in them.
  • To conduct Christ centered Biblical based worship services at the center that promotes a joyous adoration of God and a relevant response to His presence.
  • To importantly train soul winners and servants who will not make converts but disciples for our master who will be and always look forward to reproduce their Christ like nature in others.
  • The wonder that transcends this earthly realm is that when we train His people in the word, we participate with His Spirit to accomplish His purpose.
  • I am convinced beyond doubt that there is real need to equip and empower others in the whole truth so that these leaders including the children in the care centre even when we die, they continue with the work we are all called for.
  • As ministers of the kingdom it should always be in our hearts that we have been empowered with the truth, what we have heard and known, what our fore fathers have told us, we will not hide them from our children we will teach them to our children so that the next generation will call. Our covenant is progressive in counting to define the way we maintain our reconciled relationship with God.
  • It’s our major role to maintain nature and cultivate a community life that will be a compelling evidence of our adoption to those around us and this can be seen at the children’s care centre.
  • In critically examining why word and spirit seminary and children’s care centre, We do not hastate to look at what the apostle Peter told the people at Pentecost that the promise of the Holy Spirit was for them and their children and for all who are far off for all whom the Lord God will call. When we share our gifts and grace with one another, this will keep our Holy fellowship to the generations after us.
  • We exist to mobilize people of all ages. Knowing that the scope of Word and Spirit seminary and care center is for all nations as provided for in the great commission. [Matt 28:18-20, Acts 1:8]
  • We would love you to join us and also mobilize the rest of God’s covenant children in lifting the above vision up daily before the throne of our heavenly father. Scripture commands us to pray without ceasing 1 Thess 5:17 while reflecting on this verse, C.H. Spargeon  said in his preaching on March 10th-1872 that the command is as sweet and precious  permit to the believers to pour out their hearts at all times before the Lord.
  • Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in times of need Heb 4:16.

Yours in service for Him.

Ronald   Iduuli. Timothy


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Your Donations at Work!! Church Plant in Jinja, Uganda

Ground Breaking - New Church Plant in Jinja, Uganda

Ground Breaking – New Church Plant in Jinja, Uganda

Thanks to your donations and prayers, Spreading the Good News has been a vital part in a new church plant in Jinja, Uganda!

Spreading the Good News teamed with pastor Samuel Ngobi of Gods Way church in Uganda. As manyof you know, he has been a vital part of our ministry ever since we met over 5 years ago. He is a strong believer who works very hard for the Kingdom of God.  Your donations made it possible for us to buy a plot of land for him to build his church. They had been evicted over 4 times from different locations. As soon as they lock in and start establishing a presence the devil would take the leases. Heavy attacks. We were able to purchase the land and stake our claim (foundation) that cannot be moved!!

New Church - Jinja, Uganda

New Church – Jinja, Uganda

Matthew 16:18-19 “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

In the pictures, you will see the ground breaking and the iron sheets of the temporary shelter.  This is all possible through you!!  Check back once in a while for exciting updates!

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