Fisher of Men

Sorry it’s been so long since we posted news!

Pastor Samuel in Uganda has been able to make his church self-sustaining. He and his congregation are working and earning money so they can grow and tithe back into the church and Kingdom.

With your support and prayer we sowed $2,233.00 into his ministry, allowing Pastor Samuel to literally fish for himself, earning money from fishing and using this money to build the Kingdom.

Here (with our grammar corrections) is what Pastor Samuel wrote to us:

“I thank you for the great support that you have done here in Uganda, Africa.

However, I would like to fish for myself rather than you fishing for me every year.

It’s good to have someone teach you to fish, rather than him fishing for you.

As planned, I used the money you sent to buy a small, used boat to travel to different islands, buy fish, then sell the fish to factories.

I also hope to start other projects to help our youth get jobs.

My hope and prayer is that these projects will make us self-sustaining and, with the help of Jesus, we can even help support your trips to Uganda.”

Thank you again for all your support. You are helping us do His work in so many ways.

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